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I’m known as Techie Tam as I love the freedom technology offers and the creativity to make it do what I want. Helping others turn their ideas into completed products is so much fun for me!! 

I’m here to Educate, Empower and EXCITE others to accomplish their dreams and to move past any tech barriers in their way. 

I offer DFY (done for you) and DIY (do it yourself) options.

Fear is a liar! Don’t let it stop you. I believe in you and your dream and I can’t wait to connect and help you make it happen!

Canva Templates and DFY Solutions

Hi! I’m so glad you’re here! 

After years of working in the corporate world, I found myself needing to work from home in order to take care of my husband when he suddenly went into kidney failure. (Read More) 

I quickly found my passion in helping others turn their ideas into reality. You’re here because you have something you want to create and I’m certain that together, we can get that done! 

Did I help you with something and you want to buy me a coffee as a thank you, this is the link you’re looking for! 😉 


What I Can Help You With


Templates - SAVE TIME and HEADACHE!

Why reinvent the wheel? Do you have an idea for a product but you’re not quite sure how to accomplish it? Let’s chat! I would love to work with you to complete your poject and get you moving in the direction you want to go! 

I have over 20 years experience and love to create digital products. So, whether you’re looking for DIY (do it yourself) or DFY (done for you), I’m certain together we can create an amazing project that helps you SHINE!

Why Choose Me

Patient, Experienced, Creative


You are worth it! I believe in you and know you have great things to accomplish. Together we can build a plan, set goals, develop a timeline and move into ACTION!


Get those items off your checklist so you can move forward to bigger and better things!


Zoom or Facebook Messenger is a great way to connect and share! Wherever you are we can connect and dream big!

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