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Where Creativity and Technology Intersect!

I'm a A Tech-Savvy Adventurer with a Creative Twist!


📸 Growing up near Salt Lake City, Ut, I was surrounded by breathtaking landscapes that ignited my passion for photography. With my trusty camera in hand, I embarked on countless adventures, capturing the beauty of the mountains and beyond.

🌄 As a teenager, my family moved to Montana, where I fell head over heels in love with hiking, fishing, and archery! The allure of the outdoors fueled my creativity, and I spent hours exploring nature’s wonders and learned to saddle and ride horses.

🎓 Armed with a degree in technology from the renowned University of Montana, I ventured to Fargo, ND, where I delved into a thrilling tech-based career. Immersed in the digital realm, I utilized my skills to conquer the challenges of the ever-evolving tech landscape.

🖥️ While the world of technology kept me engaged, I craved a creative outlet to balance the demands of my computer-centric job. Inspired by my incredible children and armed with a treasure trove of precious photographs, I discovered the art of scrapbooking. What started as a personal project soon blossomed into something much more significant.

📚 I co-founded the online Yahoo group, ScrapbookingClasses, which quickly attracted over 1,500 passionate members. Each week, I crafted and taught diverse layouts, sharing my expertise and encouraging creativity within the community.

🎨 Now, I’m merging my tech-based skills and years of experience with my creativity to bring you an unparalleled experience. 

💡 Together, we’ll embark on an adventure where innovation meets imagination, and where your wildest ideas find their digital canvas. Let’s unlock the extraordinary and create something truly remarkable!

I have a great deal to share with you to help you focus on achieving your goals!

  • Struggling with technology? I have years of experience and training to support and encourage you!
  • Feel like you’re spinning your wheels? Let’s brainstorm a content calendar!
  • Together we will develop an amazing plan to move into ACTION!

I can’t wait to connect with you!

I would love to learn more about your project! Book a 15-minute zoom call today!

Tammey Brown, Accountability Coach with ACTION Accountability Network
Pumpkin Spice Latte!
Tammey Brown, Accountability Coach with ACTION Accountability Network
teamwork makes the dream work!

If you want different you have to do different!

You deserve the success you’re seeking. It’s in you to do this! I’m here to connect with you and help you find the solutions!

I would love to learn more about your project! Book a 15-minute zoom call today!

In person, on zoom, over FB messenger, however works best for you. We can create that perfect project you’ve been dreaming about! 

You + Me = Success!

Why? I’m here for you! You are amazing and inspirational! 

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