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Brick and Mortar to Online

Christina had multiple brick and mortar offices

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She was busy managing the many locations while effectively taking care of her clients. 

In 2018 she hired a consultant and they determined she could achieve her goals more efficiently by moving her business to 100% online. 

That’s how she found me.

She knew what she wanted

We worked closely mapping out what she wanted and how she wanted it to look. 

I poured through hours of content to determine the best way to present it and easy of access and use. 

Then we began her website and courses. 

As she has a private membership we went with Kajabi to build out her membership, offerings, information and moved her email list over as well. 

Christina was delighted with the final product!

Recently Christina has found herself taking on a new adventure and direction. 

We are currently working together again as she moves forward with it! 

It’s so exciting to watch her grow and expand and get to see her dreams come to fruition!

Meet the Author

Tammey from Tammey Brown Studios

When I’m working on something I’m always thinking, how can I make this better? I LOVE what I do! 

It’s just as exciting for me to see someone proudly use what I’ve created for them as it is for them to up level their product with it! 

You’ll see a lot of different styles in what I share. That’s because it’s all about YOU! I connect with you, learn what you want and how you share it. I ask about your social media and branding, I read some of your posts and all of your content for the workbook. THEN I go to work creating something with your style that will seriously add value to your product! 

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