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"Making it pretty is not my thing! It stops me from sharing my content."

Becky had a course

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She actively taught coaches how to better utilize their lead magnets and loved connecting with her clients! 

She also had over 10 pages of well thought out content for her workbook in a Google doc. Each section had a header and then her content. 

The problem was, Becky is an amazing writer, however she doesn’t enjoy layout or ‘making it pretty’.

She knew what she wanted

She had worked with me before on other projects and learned I loved to create workbooks! 

Becky shared her file and her branding with me. 

She also told me she wanted a clean, professiona, simple workbook that she could be proud of.

thrilled with the final product!

I read through her content and got a feel for her voice and what she wanted from her reader. 

I dropped in graphics, added notes sections, and visuals to make the page pleasing to the reader while allowing them to better absorb the information being shared. 

The branding and voice remained consistent. Becky was thrilled. I was delighted.

Meet the Author

Tammey from Tammey Brown Studios

When I’m working on something I’m always thinking, how can I make this better? I LOVE what I do! 

It’s just as exciting for me to see someone proudly use what I’ve created for them as it is for them to up level their product with it! 

You’ll see a lot of different styles in what I share. That’s because it’s all about YOU! I connect with you, learn what you want and how you share it. I ask about your social media and branding, I read some of your posts and all of your content for the workbook. THEN I go to work creating something with your style that will seriously add value to your product! 

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