Websites Created for my Clients

I met Jen through a common friend. 

She had a website through a very proprietary platform that didn’t allow her to make many changes. After our consultation I discover she wanted

  • Visitor friendly
  • Easy to showcase coaches/members
  • Easy access to daily member calls
  • Direct link to previously recorded calls
  • A page where favorite resources could be listed

We worked closely to develop the website she wanted and could be easily edited while offering options to the members utilizing WordPress and Astra theme.

Course platforms

Sandee Englund was looking for an easy to use solution for her course offerings with a landing page and a place to move her blog. She designed her own logo and is an amazing author and coach! Sandee chose to go with Kajabi.
Karen Hart started Hart to Hart Marriage Talk because she and her husband saw the need for good information on how to communicate better and give hope to struggling marriages. She wanted a very simple website the represented her, where she lived and what her and her husband stood for. Karen uses WordPress for her website and gumroad for her course.
Woman working on her website with her laptop open on her desk with a cup of coffee and a cell phone. Website help in Fargo, ND
Are you struggling to create a website you love that will serve you well?

I would love to learn more about your project and what you would like to create! 

Feel free to schedule a zoom using the link below or give me a call

701 … 261 … 9066 – No space, no dots 🙂 

Mission: To leverage my experience and love of technology to empower you to create!

Designer Since: 1992

Loves: Writing, Photography, and Fishtanks

Brakes for: Waterfalls

Specializes in: Content Creation, Websites, Workbooks, and Course Creation

I find joy in co-creating.

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